Positive Space by Memo Rex

San Diego-based artist Memo Rex delivers his debut album Positive Space on the Music Is 4 Lovers label.

Positive Space by Memo Rex Photo by Music Is 4 Lovers

Music is 4 Lovers releases their first full-length LP and debut album from one of San Diego's most beloved artists, Memo Rex.

From start to finish, Positive Space LP progresses nicely with a smart blend of deep, groovy, spacey, catchy, and hard-hitting tunes - perfect for an intimate daytime dance party or a packed dark dance floor.

Memo Rex - Positive Space
Release Date August 2021
Label Music is 4 Lovers

01. Memo Rex - Definition
02. Memo Rex - Positive Space
03. Memo Rex - Juncture
04. Memo Rex & Wendigo - Shine
05. Memo Rex - Functional
06. Memo Rex - Soul Contour
07. Memo Rex - Little Potato
08. Memo Rex - Blur

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