Walls Around Me EP by Darksidevinyl & Kellerkind

Vienna's Darksidevinyl and production heavyweight Kellerkind join forces on a sublime new EP that features a remix from Ucha.

Walls Around Me EP by Darksidevinyl & Kellerkind Art by connected

Darksidevinyl is no stranger to connected, where he has served up his deeply emotive sounds before now. He has also had notable outings on Mo'Black and GoDeeva and favors organic sounds that are packed with detail. Meanwhile, Kellerkind has long been a house mainstay. The DJ and producer have worked with quality labels like Sirion and Stil Vor talent and is a Swiss legend because of it.

The pair open up with "Walls Around Me" which has toms like ping pong balls bouncing over bubbling bass. The stripped beat is further detailed with haunting string pads introduced and a soulful vocal that adds to the alluring and mysterious breakdown.

The second original is "Lulu" with its minimal percussion, sparse beats, and dynamic snares. The track sounds like a huge cave of dancing kalimbas powered by a punchy bassline that will take dance floors on a real journey.

Last of all, Georgia-based ZEHN Records and Underyourskin associate Ucha remixes. His elastic rhythms and emotive chords lead to a jumpy ride with a slick vocal drop and melancholic pads that make a lasting impact. The Walls Around Me EP is another deeply organic house offering from the connected label.

Darksidevinyl & Kellerkind - Walls Around Me EP
Release Date October 2021
Label connected

1. Walls Around Me (Original Mix)
2. Lulu
3. Walls Around Me (Ucha Remix)

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