Raphael Schön presents I'll Be Your Fantasy

Raphael Schön returns to Freeride Millenium in fantastic form with his I'll Be Your Fantasy EP.

Raphael Schön presents I'll Be Your Fantasy Photo by Ewelina Bialoszewska

German producer and City Club resident Raphael Schön brings a wide array of influences to his work and a real sense of playful personality. He contributed to this label's IMPACT compilation series and was last out with his "I'll Be The Energy" EP in 2021, but he has also landed on Enclave and SNC RECS.

This one opens up with "Fantasy Turning Me," a vibrant, jacked-up house track with immense synth energy and steamy vocals that bring a seductive edge. It's a timeless sound full of color and bumping grooves. The excellent "I Feel The Power" is another tightly coiled, punchy house track with a big heart. The drums and bass roll under whispered and libidinous vocals and clever percussive fills while a zippy lead synth keeps things fresh.

The excellently emotive "Keep My Mind Off You" is a deep and dynamic cut with a sense of urgency, classically inclined house drums, an epic piano breakdown, and a belting vocal to send things to the next level. Last is "I Don't Know Why" - another effortlessly cool house groove with breezy synths and plenty of soulful stylings delivered at a slick pace.

Raphael Schön - I'll Be Your Fantasy
Release Date 14th September 2023
Label Freeride Millenium

1. Fantasy Turning Me
2. I Feel The Power
3. Keep My Mind Off You
4. I Don't Know Why

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