Spirit of Burgas 2012

The Spirit of Burgas 2012 is gearing up with Sum 41 and Prodigy adding to the already massive lineup.

Spirit of Burgas 2012. Photo by Evlear Magazine Photo by Evlear Magazine

On the 4th of August we are to have the unique chance to be among the first ones in Europe to hear brand new live tracks from The Prodigy, ahead of their eagerly awaited album, with working name How to Steal a Jet Fighter. The expectations are to have one darker and heavier album, like was announced by the front-man Liam Howlett in one of his first interviews regarding the new album. He also said that after the party album in 2009 Invaders Must Die now everyone is so enthusiastic to be together again in the studio and very inspired by the more serious and darker style which he, personally, prefers.

There is hardly a man who doesn’t remember the tremendous blowing-up show which Liam, Keith Flint and Maxim dropped over the 18-thousands crowd at the Central Beach of Burgas in 2010. What we can expect from The Prodigy this summer is more than their last show - maybe it is hard to imagine something bigger, but the British trio is absolutely capable of doing it!

The preparation of one of the most wanted shows this summer is already a fact. The building of the biggest stage in Bulgaria and on the Balkans has already started. Its size is 27 x 18 meters and the height is 20 meters. “The greatest dance band of all times” (according to Mixmag magazine) promises massive performance, crazy light effects and again great set list - combination which cannot guarantees a unique experience at SPIRIT of Burgas’ beach.

The Canadian band Sum 41 will bury fingers in the sand of Burgas just before the giants of The Prodigy. Start your physical preparation from now and don’t forget to warm up your knees before the gig, because Sum 41 will leave us without breath with dances, jumps and will bring all kind of moves out of our bodies. On SPIRIT of Burgas main stage we will hear tracks from their last album Screaming Bloody Murder, and many of their unforgettable golden hits.

The history of Sum 41 begins in 1996 when Deryck Whible and Steve Jocz create the band Kaspir. They change the name the same year and on September 28 after participation in Supernova show which is on the 41st day of the summer the new name is born - Sum 41 (from summer). The members are: Deryck Whibley (vocal, rhythm guitar), Tom Thacker (solo guitar and back vocal), Jason McCaslin (bass guitar and back vocal) and Steve Jocz (drums). It is hard to define their genre because of the complicated combination of different styles and the more mature, serious and heavier sound of the latest albums - from punk, punk-rock and rap-core the style of Sum 41 transforms into heavier styles like alternative rock and alternative metal.

The debut album of Sum 41 comes in 2001, All Killer, No Filler, and the success is momentary - the first single, Fat Lip, is on 1st place in all charts. All Killer, No Filler is certificated platinum album in US, Canada and UK. Follow four more albums: Does This Look Infected? (2002), Chuck (2004), Underclass Hero (2007) and Screaming Bloody Murder and around 300 concerts every year! Sum 41 adore long world tours, most of which last more than a year. Thanks to their European tour we will see them at the SPIRIT of Burgas, the hottest summer music festival in Bulgaria.

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