Static by Oli Warriner

The already rightfully acclaimed Night Noise Music hits release number ten in fine style with Oli Warriner that features one great original and three on point remixes from AWITW, Koncret Cutz, and Sinchi Music.

Static by Oli Warriner Photo by Night Noise Music

Newcastle based Oli Warriner is a DJ, producer and musician who runs his own TUNNYL label, is resident DJ at his city’s finest underground party, APE-X, as well as Space Ritual in York, and releases his rugged, atmospheric music on labels like Affekt, Nein and The  Legend of Gelert.

With his one fine original, ‘Static,’ he lays down some corrugated bass and slithering hi hats to make for a noir deep house tune that is slow, absorbing and menacing. Muffled vocals and pinging drums characterise the plodding groove and allow you to really get lost amongst the sparse synth sounds. It is textured back room club music for those that know.

AWITW (aka Nicolas Bernard, an electronic music composer from Nantes in France who is a classically trained musician) remixes with real style. His take on the track is full of mood and rolling drums, more distant, muttered vocals and soulful synths that bring light to the darkness all around.

Then it is Berlin based Anglo-French pair Koncret Cutz of labels like Nofitstate, Not An Animal and Tunnyl who step up. Their remix is lithe and elastic, slick and quick with shimmering synths and rubbery drums punching out an inviting house groove that is charming and melodically curious.

Lastly, Sinchi Music - a collective of Dutch musicians, producers and artists searching for “moments of truth” in their music - then flip the script once more and come up with an attitude riddled, electro fried cut that is all spitting hits, spraying synths and chugging drums.

This is an artful package of club music that has plenty of inventive ideas and fresh texture to it, and thus completes a fine first chapter for the Night Noise Music crew.

Oli Warriner - Static
Release Date May 2016
Label Night Noise Music

1. Static
2. Static (AWITW remix)
3. Static (Koncret Cutz remix)
4. Static (Sinchi Music remix)

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