Take Me There EP by Ana Rs

Montenegro's Ana Rs debuts on the Symbolism imprint this month with the slamming five-track EP, Take Me There.

Take Me There EP by Ana Rs Photo by Symbolism

The warped, bit crushed, and snaking discordance of "Abstract Mind" puts the peak time boot in before the imposing bottom end, urgent filtered stabs, and a cavernous atmosphere of "The Shadow Between Us" lends a dubbed-out feel to things.

The broken, bone-shaking rhythm of the title track keeps the intensity high but fresh, whilst the sleek, undulating tunneller "From The Brink" irons things out nicely. Closing with "Wipe Out", another cut that leans heavily on huge resonant bass, the "Take Me There EP" is a superb label debut from an artist who knows how to deliver punchy, muscular techno with skill and precision.

Ana Rs - Take Me There EP
Release Date 5th May 2023
Label Symbolism

01. Abstract Mind
02. The Shadow Between Us
03. From The Brink
04. Take Me There
05. Wipe Out

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