The Dub 102 by Claudio Coccoluto

The Dub label is back with a fine two-tracker from acclaimed Italian DJ, record collector, producer, and composer Claudio Coccoluto.

The Dub 102 by Claudio Coccoluto Photo by M. D'Onofrio

Coccoluto is boss of The Dub, a label that likes to champion “fine and real house music with soul” and has been doing so since 1996 to great acclaim. He is also someone who boasts a collection of more than 70,000 records, is a widely published music writer, skilled DJ who plays all over the world and has created soundtracks for some of the world’s biggest brands. He recently hooked up for a split release with Apparel Music owner Kisk and here goes solo with two more impressive cuts.

This new EP adds to a small but well formed discography for label boss Claudio Coccoluto and is yet another on point outing for his label.

Up first, the excellent ‘Tribe Call Sun,’ a full and effervescing track with low slung guitar riffs, tin pot percussion and blasts of frazzled bass all driven by mid tempo kicks. It’s a freeform cut stuffed with sunshine, soul and seductive vocal ad libs that really makes you want to get loose.

Then it’s to ‘Discoflavour,’ which is a more fiery and floor focussed disco track with authentic soul vocals, trilling keys and lush chords all loosely bobbling about next to soaring strings. Again filled with feeling and sounding wholly aged yet crisp and shiny, it is a modern classic in the making.

Claudio Coccoluto is a veteran of the scene but puts all that musical know how to great use in everything he does, and these al fresco bombs are the latest in a long line of success for the Italian.

Claudio Coccoluto - The Dub 102
Release date 10th August 2015
Label The Dub

A1. Claudio Coccoluto - Tribe Call Sun
B1. Claudio Coccoluto - Discoflavor

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