5 Year Anniversary Sampler by Wind Horse Records

Wind Horse Records' evolution on the world stage never fails to captivate. A cocktail of world sounds spanning 5 years and feeding of a rich musical heritage.

5 Year Anniversary Sampler by Wind Horse Records Photo by Wind Horse Records

The label has helped develop India’s many talented resources for export to the outside world while pioneering the deep house movement in its own country with releases, parties, and ground-breaking collaborations. Inspired by his own travels and life on three different continents (South Asia, Europe and North America), Hamza is the guiding light behind Wind Horse. Hamza’s musical mission has been to seamlessly merge floor-driving house music styles with a reverent helping of more traditional south Asian influences.

Under his vision the label has reached its most important release to date and a comprehensive representation of their progress, the 5 Year Anniversary Sampler. Not just a showcase for the label, the compilation also celebrates the success of Indian producers in achieving a cocktail of world sounds without fully assimilating, keeping with the common thread of a culture that has so much history and such a rich musical heritage.

The artists are honoring the same aesthetic and passion as their elders have in their classical, traditional forms of music - the same medium and feel, but with different paints and processes. These are exactly the sort of intangibles that raise labels above the foray of an over-run market place of commodities for sale and grants camps the staying power and weight of a true cultural force.

In five years the label has gone beyond even their highest expectations to reach the level they’re at today. To celebrate, Wind Horse Records has gathered from their full range of music. They go from worldly, in a collaboration of Hamza with celebrated international Danish jazz pianist Niels Ian Doky and renowned Tibetan vocalist Yunchen Lhamo, to other-worldly, with Yidam’s new analog techno alias 5volts; from soulful, in working with DeepWit artist Alvaro Hylander to include the fine track "Change", to soul-escaping, in the hypnotically deep and atmospheric qualities of Priyesh Patel’s productions; from the ambient "Lonesome Train" by Vinayak A to the ambiance of far out beats by Aman Anand and Soulspace.

Staple Wind Horse artists like Kartech and Audio Units are joined by the debut of Mumbai producer Farhan Rahman and the Bangalore-based southern India transplant Stalvart John to hammer in the foundations of the label: a distinctly Indian sound naturally swallowed in deep, tech-house stylings and a knack for harboring an established crew while always introducing new talent.

It’s easy to feel like Wind Horse Records has been blessed in their ability to release music from such a wide range of artists from all corners of the globe, with some folk tale-like stories to prove it. Decidedly capturing and presenting the label’s growth on the 5 Year Anniversary Sampler, supporters and new fans alike can feel confident that there’s even more on the horizon for the next five.

Various Artists - 5 Year Anniversary Sampler
Release date May 2015
Label Wind Horse Records

Soulspace - "Morning Roots" (VIP Edit)
Aman Anand - "Parvati"
Kartech - "Larrisa"
Alvaro Hylander - "Change"
Audio Units - "Pangu"
Priyesh Patil - "Bliss Walk"
Farhan Rehman - "Keep Calm And Listen"
Vinayak A - "Lonesome Train"
5volts - "Opencluster"
Stalvart John - "Kilipattu"
Hamza, Yungchen lhamo, Niels Lan Doky - "Enlightenment"

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