A Convenient Excuse Part 2 by Cardopusher

Boysnoize Records welcome back core label artist Cardopusher for the second part in his superb A Convenient Excuse series.

A Convenient Excuse Part 2 by Cardopusher Photo by Boysnoize Records

South American artist Cardopusher has had a particularly prolific year since the excellent A Convenient Excuse Pt. 1, with releases for Super Rhythm Trax, Dark Entries, and Dalmata Daniel. Despite the accelerated timeline, there’s a notable progression in A Convenient Excuse Pt. 2 that finds the electro and techno innovator move things on again. If Part 1 was a survey of the darker side of 80’s industrial and EBM, Part 2 takes a more focused look at the sort of haunted Italo hinted at on "Temporary Forever" from the previous release.

Four of the five tracks are uptempo and club-ready this time, driven by vicious arpeggios and bit-crushed drums. The opener "Frozen Moments" is a blizzard of slapping hits and frazzled synths that will jerk any club into action. The excellent "Sleepwalker" is driven by more rugged and stark synth work that drums with energy over dusty breakbeats and "Demon Cleaner" then slows things down with dark moods and heavy drums that bring a spooky vibe. "Single Head" is a predatory sounding cut with menacing bass arps and jittery hi-hats that mesmerizes and hypnotizes in equal measure, and last of all, the standout "Falling Awake" is an energetic drum workout riddled with mad acid lines that are designed to make a huge impact.

A Convenient Excuse Pt 2 isn’t mechanical cyberpunk, it’s immensely human, with a syncopated Global South funk in the percussion that is likely to continue to propel Cardopusher into even more affections.

Cardopusher - A Convenient Excuse Pt. 2
Release Date
June 2019
Label Boysnoize Records

A1. Frozen Moments
A2. Sleepwalker
B1. Demon Cleaner
B2. Single Head
B3. Falling Awake

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