Absolute EP by Massi Paoli

A frequent visitor of the electronic dance environment of central Italy, Massi Paoli, releases his Absolute EP on Comment After. A 3 track EP that shows the beauty of good music and leaving you wanting more.

Absolute EP by Massi Paoli Photo by Andrea Rum

Frequent visitor of the electronic dance environment of central Italy, Massi Paoli started his professional DJ career back in 2006. "It wasn't easy" he says, but all the hard work and sleepless nights pays off one day. Being devoted to techno sounds, often liking harder rhythms, which was a stamp for his earliest releases… but Comment After noticed his exceptional talent for melodies and atmospheres, so we wanted to hear the other side of Massi.

When we got the first and leading track 'Absolute', we knew this is just a beginning of a fantastic new journey. Expressing through feelings and emotions is actually what music is all about, right? Second track 'Return' still keeps a bit of his techno roots, but with those amazing, random jiggling synths which goes up and down, side by side so you never knows when it hits you, we are moving into the right direction.

Playing with the filters and chord organs, makes everything even more 'chaotic' at the certain level. But to nicely pack everything together here is 'Far Away', a true morning, the last one, almost after party track, not being really far away if you can imagine yourself, dancing for the sunrise.

All in all, Massi Paoli delivers something different for which he pushed his own artistic boundaries to make it happen.

Massi Paoli - Absolute EP
Release date 15th December 2014
Label Comment After

1. Massi Paoli - Absolute
2. Massi Paoli - Return
3. Massi Paoli - Far Away

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