Acrylic Honey by Request Lorraine

Tel-Aviv-based producer and Sadan co-founder Request Lorraine presents his second release, Acrylic Honey, on the Sadan Records this autumn.

Acrylic Honey by Request Lorraine Photo by Sadan Records

Eric Varshavsky is a classically trained producer, DJ, and artist who strives to approach electronic music from a new, original angle - both celebrating and undermining the unwritten rules of electronic production, producing in return highly eclectic, genre-defying music. His "Acrylic Honey" EP sees him return to his Sadan Records imprint, which aims to support local artists who focus on contemporary music production and visuals without being bound to a specific style or aesthetic.

Acrylic Honey is a high octane leftfield techno EP, channeling many different sources across the club music spectrum. This release incorporates unusual song structures and sonic experimentation - in a way that remains loyal to club music. Acrylic Honey offers equally familiar and alien yet hard club tunes by meticulous exploration of previously uncharted sonic grounds and principles, with a very particular psychedelic tinge. 

Danceable as much as they are trance-inducing, making for an EP that can be experienced in different ways.

Request Lorraine - Acrylic Honey
Release Date 17th September 2021
Label Sadan Records

01. Hidden Elite
02. Diogenes81
03. Vortex Viper
04. Acrylic Honey

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