Alchemy Calls by La Mverte

Parisian artist La Mverte inaugurates his new label Les Enfers with an EP of typically leftfield electro and new beat fusions. His three originals come with big remixes from Javi Redondo and Anatolian Weapons.

Alchemy Calls by La Mverte Photo by Les Enfers

La Mverte aka Alexander Berly has carved out a unique sonic niche since 2014. He attended the RBMA in Tokyo, has released on labels like Her Majesty's Ship, and explores everything from Italo to New Wave, industrial to dark disco, krautrock to synth-heavy acid. His singular sounds have taken him to gigs at the world's best clubs and festivals and now, after a reflective time during the pandemic, he is back with a new label.

Excellent EP opener "Nigredo" features Jean-Christophe Couderc from Vox Low providing sleazy vocals. It suggests a love of Detroit electro but reimagined through La Mverte's influences and machines, with angular drums and prickly synths lighting up the dance floor. With "Albedo", La Mverte offers an intense synth-wave sound with dark and ghoulish vocals, raw drums, and stark hits that demand you jerk your body. The final original "Rubedo" nods to Belgium's New Beat movement. It has physical drums, soot-black synth work, and edgy late-night energy that will blow minds in any warehouse space.

First remixer Javi Redondo is a regular on the Correspondant and Dischi Autunno labels. He offers a club-focused and motorik re-reading of "Nigredo" designed to make you sweat. Greek EBM, rock, and electronic fusionist Aggelos Baltas aka Anatolian Weapons also offer a brilliant version of "Albedo". It is tinged with the slowed-down trance of the sort that Vladimir Ivkovic might drop in the dead of night at Salon des Amateurs.

La Mverte - Alchemy Calls
Release Date October 2021
Label Les Enfers

1. Nigredo (feat. JC from Vox Low)
2. Albedo
3. Rubedo
4. Nigredo (Javi Redondo Remix)
5. Albedo (Anatolian Weapons Remix)

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