Astral Mechanism by 23.4

The French talent 23.4 explores rich new dub techno territories on five new tracks via his Astral Mechanism EP on the Virgo label.

Astral Mechanism by 23.4 Photo by Bertrand Jacquet

23.4 is a project from Lille-based artist Bertrand Jacquet. With more than a decade's worth of production experience, he started the project in 2020, debuting with tracks on various compilations via respected labels like Insectorama, Pragmat and Axaminer before more recently focussed on upping the tempo with EPs on Entourage Concept and Sungate Records.

2024 will see him unveil another two projects, namely a new collective called Interphase that will host parties across northern France and a new label called Dub Consistency. However, a fresh EP and new music come first as he unveils five fresh productions across his "Astral Mechanism" EP on Ilario Alicante's Virgo.

The package opens with "Artefacts," a dark and hard-hitting but supple workout backlit with hallucinatory synths. It's pure head-down dancing material for blackened warehouses, then "Hold Me" skates on sleek dub low-ends with serene chords and subtle vocal cries, adding that sense of slowly rising euphoria.

The fantastic title cut then ups the ante further with tightly coiled drums and icy hi-hats alongside warm, glowing synths that exude golden colour and plenty of machine soul as the thunderous kicks thud on. "Alternate" is five deeply immersive minutes of timeless, high-tempo dub techno with smeared chords and bright shards of light cutting through the mix like a laser. Last but not least is "The Other Side," a captivating and kinetic dub techno pumper with rippling synths and cantering drums that will sweep any dancefloor off its feet.

23.4 - Astral Mechanism
Release Date March 2024
Label Virgo

1. Artefacts
2. Hold Me
3. Astral Mechanism
4. Alternate
5. The Other Side

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