Moments That Last by DJ Beat2

Mumbai's DJ Beat2 makes his first outing on Moonphase Records as he unveils his two-track EP, Moments That Last.

Moments That Last by DJ Beat2 Photo by Moonphase Records

Hailing from the bustling city of Mumbai, DJ Beat2 has established himself as a talent and name of note within India's ever-growing electronic music landscape. Holding down top residencies across Mumbai and Goa while releasing material via the likes of Sudbeat and Asymmetric Recordings, he quickly gained support from leading artists across the globe, including the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur, and Sahar Z, to name just a few. Featuring alongside some of India's most prominent DJs while teaching & curating new talent across the country, Beat2's journey has meant he has remained at the heart of India's electronic music scene for over a decade.

Having taken the reigns of Moonphase Records back in 2020, relaunching the imprint with Creative Culture's "Remember The Future" EP, he now steps out on the label for the very first time as he delivers a pair of melodic anthems across his latest EP, "Moments That Last".

Title track "Moments That Last" welcomes slow-blooming tones, swirling synths, and fluctuating leads to reveal a hypnotic opener, while "Butterfly Spotting" switches up proceedings to lay the focus on refined percussion licks, sweeping melodies, and resonant basslines.

DJ Beat2 - Moments That Last
Release Date December 2021
Label Moonphase Records

1. Moments That Last
2. Butterfly Spotting

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