Real and Chill EP by Ustrell

Ustrell returns to 3-4-1 Cuts with a really Real and Chill EP.

Real and Chill EP by Ustrell Photo by 3-4-1 Cuts

A smooth clave rhythm introduces the title track and establishes a relaxing mood for the suitably named ‘Real and Chill' EP. Each subsequent version offers different energies traversing a range of house music styles, with love being the overarching and dominating spirit. The "It Is Mix" opts for tougher drums, distorted snippets of the original vocal, and dubby riffs, this is then followed by the "About You Mix", which closes the EP with a crisp groove, squelchy basslines, and sharp stabs.

Real and Chill is the result of a mix between the summer airs of Barcelona and Switzerland. Beaches, mountains, sea, lakes, cities, towns. All of the feelings associated with the time spent there together with my wife are reflected in the three songs on the EP.

As one-half of the DJ and producer duo Wow & Flute, Ustrell has released on labels like Spinnin' and Nervous Records. Now he follows up "Runaway", the first EP under his solo monicker, with another release filled with feeling on Sevenscale Records subdivision 3-4-1 Cuts.

Ustrell - Real and Chill EP
Release Date October 2022
Label 3-4-1 Cuts

01. Real and Chill
02. Real and Chill (It Is Mix)
03. Real and Chill (About You Mix)

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