Atoner LP by Nocow

Russian producer Nocow returns to Rekids with an enthralling full-length album entitled Atoner.

Atoner LP by Nocow Photo by Lena Tsibizova

Real name Aleksei Nikitin, Nocow is known for his versatility, producing a large body of genre spanning work on labels like Clone Royal Oak, Figure, Fauxpas Musik, Gost Zvuk and Styrax. The St. Petersburg-based producer debuted on Rekids last year with his "Samaya Dolgaya Noch EP", a mellow release complete with vocal driven cuts as well as 2-step rhythms, and now returns with a myriad of productions in a fourteen track album entitled "Atoner".

This release reflects the full spectrum of emotions I get from visiting the place displayed in the artwork. This is where I grew up and where I get all my inspiration from. It’s on the shore of the Gulf of Finland near Saint Petersburg. When I’m looking for inspiration or simply to calm down I will visit this place - it’s my mecca. I’d like to thank Rekids for providing a home for my music.

"Atoner" opens with an eponymous track that gently unravels with soaring synths and subtle percussion before Nocow’s voice emerges alongside twinkling atmospherics in "Complie". Throughout the long player are also intricately produced short tracks sitting between the two and three-minute mark such as looping vocal number "Dancerecter", the melodic and rattling "Leto" and ominous "Delore".

"Ostanovitsa" is a murky offering featuring a meandering organ riff, leading into the pitter-patter drums and serene chords of "Starveme (feat. Tayut Ogni)". "Come Along" is a crystalline and otherworldly experience from start to finish, whilst "Melting Lights" is comprised of echoing, subterranean sounds, making way for reverberating snares and metallic stabs in "Standalone".

Husky murmurs and soothing notes then make up "Neva", moving into the syncopated beat and idyllic chord sequences in "Can’t Get Enough" ahead of "Stonecold" and its icy aesthetic. Finally, the album reaches a mesmerising conclusion with the spellbinding "Footer".

Nocow - Atoner LP
Release Date
November/December 2018
Label Rekids

01. Atoner
02. Complie
03. Dancerecter
04. Leto
05. Ostanovitsa
06. Starveme feat. Tayut Ogni
07. Come Along
08. Delore
09. Melting Lights
10. Standalone
11. Neva
12. Can't Get Enough
13. Stonecold
14. Footer

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