Berliner EP by Drumsauw, Unknown Code

Ilario Alicante's Virgo label returns with more vital club gold, this time from Drumsauw and Unknown Code with their Berliner EP.

Berliner EP by Drumsauw, Unknown Code Art by Virgo

Unknown Code is an Italian artist making waves in the European underground with heavy yet fluid techno releases on legendary outlet Planet Rhythm while featuring as a resident of the Roman crew Traumers. Here joins up with UK DJ/producer Drumsauw, who has quickly become a core part of techno's cutting edge, support from Adam Beyer, Radio Slave, Chris Liebing, and Charlotte De Witte on Beatport topping cuts via labels like AnalyticTrail and On Edge Society.

Up first is "Berliner," a sleek and linear techno effort with synth stabs flashing across the face of the heavy drums and rumbling bass. It's a rave-ready sound that takes you to the heart of a smoky dance floor. The excellent "Ostbahnhof" keeps the energy levels high with more thundering kick drums beneath pulsing synths and paranoid vocal fragments, delivering perfectly muscular techno with a warm machine soul. Lastly is "Schwärmen," which is more strobe-lit and frenzied as wall-rattling drums bring the tension, coarse claps add texture, and insistent stabs ensure maximum impact on the dancefloor.

Drumsauw, Unknown Code - Berliner EP
Release Date October 2023
Label Virgo

1. Berliner
2. Ostbahnhof
3. Schwärmen

Michael Kiechle Born in München. Living currently in Lisboa.