Nightdubbing LP by Monty Luke

Monty Luke's second album explores dub-infused dance music and, following the recent two EP drops on Rekids.

Nightdubbing LP by Monty Luke Art by Rekids

Succeeding part two of Monty Luke's "Nightdubbing" series on Rekids, the US-via-Berlin artist unveils an album of the same name on Radio Slave's lauded Rekids imprint. "Nightdubbing" encompasses the first two installments and adds five more tracks of intricate sonic material, completing this gorgeous work of art already supported by Fred P, nd_baumecker, Louise Chen, and Laurent Garnier.

Luke's "Nightdubbing" album starts in the club, with the rave-primed "40 Acres And A Terabyte" utilizing the rich melodies of the deep house alongside the crushing weight of subs. It is followed by the title track, with "Nightdubbing" taking a more traditional house route, its soothing sounds enveloping the listener while honing in on that reverb sweet spot.

In a world full of copycats, "Nightdubbing" is my attempt to look deeper within for inspiration. It's a dive into the influence that Dub, House, and Techno has had on me as an artist.
Monty Luke

Black Catalogue boss and former Planet-E label manager Monty Luke's timeless "Nightdubbing" effortlessly traverses deep house and techno rife with bass-rattling low-end and experimental rhythms. It is no surprise, then, that the album is heavily inspired by '70s and mid-80s dub reggae, seeing Luke incorporate and modernize the genre's iconic rhythms, spoken word poetry, and spacious bursts of harmony across the LP, particularly in tracks like "Cop Outside" and "Travelling 'Round The Sun."

"Bob Molly" picks up pace with nods to Caribbean dem bow-like rhythms of old, Monty Luke filling the space between its infectious beat with tumbling percussion and echoing plucks. Tracks like "Supernova," "New World / Old Future," and "Starstorms" return to the modern-day traditions of club music while "Gamma Raze," "Future Mystic," and "Roots" again find room in between the dancefloor and sound system listening sessions. The ambient "Theme From Nightdubbing" stands out on the album, successfully leaving an opening to escape the world through music and making the mind wander via swirling melody and sparse drums.

Monty Luke spent ten formative years in Detroit, where the city's unique musical spirit influenced him immensely. He has since distilled this experience into the music he has released on labels like Rekids, Planet-E, Hypercolour, and his own Black Catalogue. His raw, dub-infused sound comes with plenty of futuristic designs, and this final complete iteration of "Nightdubbing" continues to push the boundaries of his music.

Monty Luke - Nightdubbing LP
Release Date 29th March 2024
Label Rekids

01. 40 Acres And A Terabyte
02. Nightdubbing
03. Cop Outside
04. Bob Molly
05. Supernova
06. Starstorms
07. Traveling 'Round The Sun
08. New World / Old Future
09. Gamma Raze
10. Dark Paradise
11. Future Mystic
12. Theme from Nighdubbing
13. Avantgarde Dancehall
14. Roots

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