Facette EP by Luke Hess

Luke Hess releases his Facette EP via Echocord’s Colour imprint this March, featuring three original compositions from the Detroit native.

Facette EP by Luke Hess Photo by Marie Staggat

DJ and producer Luke Hess has been at the forefront of raw underground Techno for over a decade now, releasing via the likes of Omar S’ FXHE, Kontra Musik, Minimood and of course Echocord where he returns to here.

"Emerald" takes the lead on the package and sees Hess deliver a typically intricate composition fusing robust rhythms and lumpy bass tones with cascading dub stabs and ethereal atmospherics before "Lumen" follows, tipping the focus over to dynamic, echoing chord sequences, direct raw percussion and earth shattering low end hits.

"Myriads" then rounds out the package with a more stripped-back aesthetic, laid out over seven minutes with crunchy drums and a stuttering arpeggio style synth lead which subtly ebbs and flows throughout minute structural changes to create yet another smooth and understated composition from Hess.

Luke Hess - Facette EP
Release Date 17th March 2017
Label Echocord Colour

1. Emerald
2. Lumen
3. Myriads

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