Deep Sea Driving EP by 440 Hz

Houseum sublabel Ellipse Records returns with six tripped-out house tracks from 440 Hz.

Deep Sea Driving EP by 440 Hz Photo by Ellipse Records

Following Tom Jarmey and Aiden Francis on Houseum sublabel Ellipse Records, French artist 440 Hz steps up next with his "Deep Sea Driving EP." It's a psychedelic six-tracker, mellow through subaquatic melodies, though also built for the club with powerful bass, punchy, stripped-back percussion and breakbeat, UKG and acid influences. "Mindscape" starts with swirling pads, organ keys, and crisp grooves before ‘Gazoline' joins in with its dubbed-out synth hits and elastic womp-like bass.

The gorgeous "Soul Mirror" then enters with 2-step drums, trippy harmonies, and echoing vocals. At the same time, the title track "Deep Sea Driving" features resonant bubbling synths, minimal four-to-the-floor rhythm, and more hypnotic layers of underwater melody. Closing out the release, the dancefloor-oriented "Chez Jola" chugs along with alien sounds, reaching for the stars with rolling percussion and gated effects, with peak-time bouncer "Straightforward Sincerity" (SF/S) finishing via acidic basslines and subtle rave elements.

Founded in 2016, Houseum has entrenched itself as the leading premiere platform for house music in all its forms. The YouTube channel is home to a vault of over 2000 tracks and a following of nearly 400,000 subscribers, showcasing quality music from both established and fresh-faced producers daily. At its helm are four producers: Gavinco, Ricky Razu, Holo & Marc Brauner, and the brand's founder, HSM.

440 Hz - Deep Sea Driving EP
Release Date November 2023
Label Ellipse Records

01. Mindscape
02. Gazoline
03. Soul Mirror
04. Deep Sea Driving
05. Chez Jola
06. SF/S (Vinyl Only)

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