Blutch presents Condate

French electronic producer Blutch is back with another supremely trippy EP on home label Astropolis Records, featuring a remix from Azo.

Blutch presents Condate Art by Astropolis Records

This Brittany native has a broad, borderless sound that mixes up electronica, breakbeat, house, and IDM with stirring emotional undercurrents that range from nostalgia to melancholy. Last year he served up his superb "Terre Promise" album on the label, and once again, it combined a raft of different sounds on one majestic record. He again shows off his ability to layer captivating melodies over compelling rhythms on this fresh new EP.

The opener "Super Charger" is a slick cosmic exploration on upbeat drums. It is filled with mind-expanding colors and chords but has a playful and catchy lead that will get hands in the air and bring absolute joy to the dance floor. "Condate" is a much more physical cut driven by a slick breakbeat. Melodic rain falls down the face of the track as booming bass roots you to the dance floor, and once again, the whole track is doused in heavenly synth work and subtle waves of euphoria. Showing yet another different side to his sound, the brilliant "Rebirth" is a deeper track with astral synths radiating all around you. It has a classy trance vibe that sweeps you off your feet and carries you off to the stars.

Remixer Azo is a Belgian powerhouse behind top parties in Brussels; she is also a Kiosk Radio resident, keyboardist, and sound engineer. She mixes acid, techno, and electro into a colorful and high-energy trip that will take the club to the next dimension.

Blutch - Condate
Release Date 24th March 2023
Label Astropolis Records

1. Blutch - Super Charger
2. Blutch - Condate
3. Blutch - Rebirth
4. Blutch - Rebirth (Azo Remix)

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