Bow Wow with Life on Planets

Baltimore-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Life on Planets is back with a groovy and tail-wagging new single, Bow Wow, on Rules Don't Apply Records.

Bow Wow with Life on Planets Photo by Rules Don't Apply Records

Life On Planets was a game-changing mainstay at the legendary Wolf+Lamb Marcy Hotel which has gone on to tour the world. He always brings together disparate elements of jazz, groove, and funk to form skilled and captivating compositions that break free from genre conventions. His buttery, soulful vocals add extra layers of lushness and have come on labels like Studio 54, Defected, and many others.

On the superbly deep and slinky house of "Bow Wow," Life On Planets breaks down why he's the best and proves it with his ability to form wavy constellations on the dance floor. A floaty bassline tumbles with earth-moving inertia while slivered plucks and ethereal synths breathe life into the track's unique atmosphere. The star component of the track arrives in the form of the artist's gleaming and memorable guitar solo and heartfelt vocal hooks, which bring the grooves to life.

Life on Planets - Bow Wow
Release Date 15th March 2024
Label Rules Don't Apply Records

1. Bow Wow

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