Cici is releasing her CCMMMXXIX EP on the Me Me Me label this month and its something to really explore and take in.

CCMMMXXIX by Cici Photo by Me Me Me

Following on from her debut release on Mella Dee's Warehouse Music, Cici provides Man Power's Me Me Me with four tracks of varied techno for her second release. Incorporating elements of groovy, percussive house through to hypnotic acid-techno grooves, the EP also features remixes from LA's Warehouse Preservation Society and Philadelphias' Zillas On Acid.

Leading the EP is the pumping "Indigenous", with subtle, enveloping pads unfurling to make way for ethereal synths under knocking drums before the A2, "Venus" brings the energy up by delivering a snaking bassline under sharp, grooving percussion and heavily tripped out vocals.

Two remixes of "Venus" follow, with Warehouse Preservation Society adding choppy breakbeats and wonky leads and Zillas on Acid injecting funky basslines and dubbed-out chops before the Techno and Deepr mixes of "Changeling" close out the release. The former opts for heaving drum machines and rolling samples while the latter leans for heads-down territory as the hypnotic groove carries the listener off into the night.

Release Date April 2022
Label Me Me Me

1. Indigenous
2. Venus
3. Venus (Warehouse Preservation Society Remix)
4. Venus (Zillas on Acid Remix)
5. Changeling (Techno Mix)
6. Changeling (Deepr Mix)

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