C'mon by Route 94

Route 94 returns to Solid Grooves Records with the lively sonics of his new single, C'mon.

C'mon by Route 94 Photo by Solid Grooves Records

An individual needing little introduction, yet one who always arrives with an air of mystique, UK talent Rowan Jones, aka Route 94, is one of the scene's most intriguing talents - unleashing global chart-topping material while delivering killer underground cuts spanning minimal, house and beyond. Returning to the label following his stand-out single "Clapped" last year, this month sees another ample single land on Solid Grooves as he unveils "C'mon."

A go-to anthem for co-founder PAWSA across his sets at Solid Grooves' renowned DC-10 residency, "C'mon" is an energy-charged and dynamic production that has already sent crowds into raptures across the summer. Expect cascading lead synths, crisp percussion, wiggling low-ends, and cheeky vocal hooks all thrown in the mix for maximum impact.

Route 94 - C'mon
Release Date July/August 2023
Label Solid Grooves Records

1. C'mon

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