With Age Comes Wisdom by Ignacio Morales

Solid Grooves Raw invites Ignacio Morales for his new single, With Age Comes Wisdom.

With Age Comes Wisdom by Ignacio Morales Photo by Solid Grooves Records

Delivering club-focused cuts built for bustling terraces, sparse main rooms, and busy basements across the club, Solid Grooves Records' sister imprint Solid Grooves Raw continues to serve up release after release of must-have material in circulation amongst the record boxes of the scene's biggest names. Next, Malaga-based DJ and producer Ignacio Morales step up for his first release on the label as he reveals his new single, "With Age Comes Wisdom".

A shuffling, bouncy cut packed full of swing, "With Age Comes Wisdom" brings a bubbly, nuanced groove that carries ricocheting percussion hits and rich stabs deep into the late night hours.

Ignacio Morales - With Age Comes Wisdom
Release Date July 2022
Label Solid Grooves RAW

1. With Age Comes Wisdom 

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