Last Lovers Left Alive & Goofy Foot by Hervé

Following on from his critically acclaimed second studio album, Hallucinated Surf, released last summer, long-established UK producer Hervé offers up a single featuring two key cuts.

Last Lovers Left Alive & Goofy Foot by Hervé Photo by Skint Records

The album was recorded in the acclaimed artist’s London studio as well as an undisclosed countryside location, and features plenty of moody downtempo experiments, as well as much of his signature bass heavy sound. Before now he has served up numerous EPs and LPs on labels like this one, Mad Decent and Dubsided. Always evolving with each new release, ‘Hallucinated Surf’ was another benchmark release for Hervé, hailed by many his greatest and most emotive to date.

The first standout track here is ‘Last Lovers Left Alive’, featuring male vocalist Rothchild. With a distinctive guitar line throughout, Rothchild’s psychedelic-like vocals soar in the chorus and effortlessly blend with the droning bassline and clams casino style hip hop rhythm down low. It makes for an intoxicating track that totally sucks you in and oozes real pain.

Then comes ‘Goofy Foot’, a fluid and icy rhythm that is reminiscent of weird rave b-sides, familiar ambient works and doing trips in the snow in the countryside! It starts eerie with high pitched synth sounds, then a strong drum rhythm and synth melodies kick in. A firm bassline is prominent throughout as light percussive patterns skate about up top. Some jungle breaks add an old school feel, and overall it is a fresh and atmospheric track on a grand scale.

Both tracks here show a more tender side to Hervé and remind us of what an incredible album his latest long player truly is.  

Hervé - Last Lovers Left Alive & Goofy Foot
Release Date 13th May 2017
Label Skint Records

1. Last Lovers Left Alive feat. Rothchild
2. Goofy Foot

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