Conscious by Pentland Park

Pentland Park presents the Conscious EP on the Everything Will Be OK label, with remixes from Lake People, Fort Romeau, Benjamin Fröhlich, and Brigade.

Conscious by Pentland Park Art by Everything Will Be OK

Pentland Park consists of Rjay and Kris, who formed the alias after holding down residencies with their respective projects at Glasgow's Don't Drop party series back in 2013. Since then, they've played renowned UK venues such as Sub Club, Wire, The Cause, and Burg Schnabel in Berlin. Having previously inaugurated La La's Brand New Records with an eponymous EP, the duo now head to Everything Will Be OK for their biggest body of work to date, unveiling four original tracks backed by four remixes across their "Conscious" EP.

The opening track, "Conscious," transports the listener back in time with rich arpeggios, nostalgic pads, and a distinct garage shuffle. It's filled to the brim with feeling, emotive vocals piercing its melodic veil, with Mule Musiq and Innervisions artist Lake People remixing the track first. In his version, he introduces whirling breakbeats and additional layers of vibrant melodics before Permanent Vacation's Benjamin Fröhlich provides another remix of the opener and turns "Conscious" into a modern prog house track, gating its vocals and adding an infectious new bassline.

Classy early morning number "6am Again" then introduces sliced breaks, racy lasers, and jazzy samples, which in turn is remixed by Brigade, who provides a deeply atmospheric and lo-fi ambient mix of the track. Next up, slow-burner "I'm Glad I Answered" enters with dubbed synths and a steady rhythm, blasts of melody occasionally intervening. Running Back and Live At Robert Johnson veteran Fort Romeau turns up the dial in his version, adding chunky drums and trippy pads. "Satellite Auction" is the fourth and final track by the promising Pentland Park project, a feel-good chugger rounding off this evocative release with quirky arps and robust drums.

Pentland Park - Conscious
Release Date May 2023
Label Everything Will Be Ok

01. Pentland Park - Conscious
02. Pentland Park - 6am Again
03. Pentland Park - I'm Glad I Answered
04. Pentland Park - Satellite Auction
05. Pentland Park - Conscious (Lake People Remix)
06. Pentland Park - Conscious (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)
07. Pentland Park - I'm Glad I Answered (Fort Romeau's Radiance Dub)
08. Pentland Park - 6am Again (Brigade Ambient House Remix)

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