NAIMA presents Jazz Island

Blackchild's NAIMA imprint unveils its first VA project, Jazz Island, featuring music from Shokë, Solarce Brothers, Leon Gennaro, and Skygroover.

NAIMA presents Jazz Island Art by NAIMA

Launched last summer, Blackchild's NAIMA imprint is a label that adds to his growing trajectory as an artist and provides a home for the Italian to experiment with productions close to his heart. Showcasing the wider-reaching influences and sounds of his growing style beyond traditional electronic territories, the project offers a fresh musical outlook alongside his more dancefloor-driven productions.

Having linked with world-renowned Jazz singer Walter Ricci for the label's debut release "Head On My Shoulder" and then returning with the slick sonics of "The 10th Victim," he now invites his first guests to the label for a special four-track Various Artists, "Jazz Island" - welcoming Solarce Brothers, Shokë, Leon Gennaro and Skygroover.

This is the first time we introduce new artists' music on NAIMA! After months of searching for the right tracks to release, I have finally put together four songs with a connection among them - jazz, funk and the real essence of NAIMA... something that other labels would potentially never release. ‘Cerca' brings a massive groove with a jazzy touch from the Solarce Brothers from Brazil, while ‘Lifestyle' from my favourites Shöke is pure Neapolitan funk. ‘Driftwood' from Leo shows that classy swag from the Florida coast, and last but not least, ‘Vela' from Skygroover gives that touch of sweetness to the EP. These tracks represent my idea of NAIMA as a label!

Rich, vibrant, and oozing with delicate touches and influences spanning jazz, funk, soul, and beyond, with funky bass licks, rich keys, and hooky grooves in abundance, the four tracks on the package deliver tracks for those deeper moments while still providing key records made for special peak-time moments - all encompassing the growing NAIMA sound.

Various Artists - Jazz Island
Release Date May 2024

1. Solarce Brothers - Cerca
2. Shokë - Lifestyle
3. Leon Gennaro - Driftwood
4. Skygroover - Vela

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