Diablitos EP by Upercent & Javier Orduna

Upercent & Javier Orduna returned to Moda Black with the Diablitos EP, comprising three storming original tracks from the duo.

Diablitos EP by Upercent & Javier Orduna Photo by Moda Music

The Autumn of 2015 marked the debut appearance of Javier Orduna and Upercent on Moda Black; an EP which soon made its way into the sets of Dubfire, Tim Green, Nick Warren and many more.

Both Javier and Upercent have a storied past, embracing a wide range of influences and experiences. With a relentless passion for emotive moods, subtle details and a hardware driven sound, the resulting music is powerful and individual.

From the brooding, mesmeric loops of Diablitos to the detuned melodies of Respirar - this EP is another fantastic example of what these highly versed artists are capable of.

Upercent & Javier Orduna - Diablitos EP
Release Date April 2016
Label Moda Black

1. Diablitos
2. Carnales
3. Respirar

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