Contezza by Laryssa Kim

City Tracks welcomes Laryssa Kim with the release of the album Contezza. An impassioned and mesmerizing adventure in music.

Contezza by Laryssa Kim Art by Pauline Colleu

"Contezza" is the realization. Beginning to become aware of who you are. To get there, these songs and music act as an exorcism (in the sense of removing from the mind a whole series of limiting conceptions and interpretations of reality). Contezza represents a path from mental prison to liberation, from blind and fearful love, driven by the wounds of the inner child; to mature, courageous (with a heart at ease), vast and unconditional Love for life, for the self, and others.

Now based in Brussels, Laryssa Kim is an Italo-Congolese singer and composer with an arresting set of influences. Her first forays into music took place in Rome writing and performing with reggae musicians and DJs. Here she honed her instinctual strengths in a predominantly live setting. She relocated to Amsterdam in 2008 and immersed herself in contemporary dance and physical theatre, broadening her toolset in an environment that supported and encouraged playful experimentation around composition.

Basing herself in Brussels since 2013, Laryssa went on to formally pursue her interest in electroacoustics by completing a master’s program at the Royal Conservatory of Mons in acousmatic music composition. Amid these studies, she took the natural step of establishing her artistic project to develop an intimate, personalized route through her rich experience of music’s different mechanisms and models.

The landscape of Laryssa Kim’s music is impassioned and mesmerizing. Employing her voice as her central instrument, hypnotic swells of elegant lyrical forms are scattered around finely braided electronics and instrumental motifs that gather into tender song structures. Her suite of effects and looping tools propel her voice through delicately balanced compositions that place her between varying experimental practices. Presented in a live performance setting, these shifting, oneiric qualities only intensify.

Laryssa Kim - Contezza
Release Date 16th February 2024
Label City Tracks

1. Les Amants dOsmium - 76 OS
2. Tum Tum - Cuori In Tumulto
3. Scegli Me - Contesa
4. L_Attente - Auspicio
5. Obsession - Indomita Mente
6. Intimacy - Riserbo
7. Voeu - Canto Votivo
8. Prière à Chamuel - Supplica
9. Blue Velvet - Fortezza Sacra
10. Les Amants Transparents - 1H
11. Ma Chi Sei - Ascoso
12. La Vie Is Magic - Contezza

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