Converge Part II by Jon Hester

Jon Hester returns to Radio Slave's Rekids label with the second installment of his Converge LP, entitled Converge - Part II.

Converge Part II by Jon Hester Photo by Riccardo Malberti

The second part of 2020's "Converge - Part I", a body of music that saw enthusiastic responses from the likes of Surgeon, Lauren Flax, DJ Bone, Anthony Parasole, and Jus-Ed to name just a few, sees the Berlin-based DJ/Producer and dancer generously expand on and refine his slick vision of techno on one of electronic music's key labels.

By encompassing warm and soulful textures within club focussed grooves, Hester continues to explore the far reaches of both the musical cues picked up from his years as a dancer and formative time spent in the Midwest US, connecting influences from Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit.

Stretched across a double LP, the album opens with the spacious and icy "Stealth" followed by the machine communications of "Artificial Intelligence". The B-side sees a whirlwind of the synthetic in "Instant" before "Contact" swiftly picks up the pace with its warbling pads and slippery percussion.

The second disc, "Circadian Slip", custom-built for dancefloor pandemonium, continues with off-kilter leads and vocal snippets before "Shadows" brings eerie syncopation to the proceedings. In the final stretch, "Silver" maintains steady energy into the twilight hours, and the gorgeous "Wonder" closes out the LP beautifully, providing a soft landing to an exceptional journey through Hester's sound.

Jon Hester - Converge Part II
Release Date March 2021
Label Rekids

01. Stealth
02. Artificial Intelligence
03. Instant
04. Contact
05. Circadian Slip
06. Shadows
07. Silver
08. Wonder

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