Deep Roots LP by Gavinco

Gavinco announces the Deep Roots album, seven tracks of deep, jazz-infected house music.

Deep Roots LP by Gavinco Photo by Houseum Records

Deep Roots is a ravishing journey through lush, fantastical landscapes and paradisiacal coastlines. It is here you can find Gavinco's soothing synths and expert organic rhythm. From the title track through to "Transmute", the A-side slowly builds up in energy, playful brass, and lo-fi vocal samples creating an irresistible vibe whilst keys trickle like streams through swung jazz grooves.

The salt in the air makes way for glimmering stars on the B-side of "Deep Roots", picking up the pace in "Showdown Groove" and ‘Inspirations' but maintaining the serene atmosphere of the album. "Homage" then closes out the record via intense, mind-melting melodics and emotional vocal harmonies, rounding off a stellar LP where each instrument lives, breathes, and brims with feeling.

This is a deep jazz house album that I made with various old electric guitars, acoustic drum kits, Rhode & Hammond keyboards. I love world music, so I wanted to have an international selection of genres for the tracks so they could sound like they originate from any part of the globe. I wanted the listener to reflect and feel more engaged in the music by adding a meaningful or inspirational speech or voice for each track that is integrated into the rhythm of the music.

Joe Newham aka Gavinco first emerged on Houseum on the "Four J's" compilation back in 2018. He quickly followed things up with the "Caravella" and "Interflow" EPs in the years after, with this year's "Deep Roots" now marking the Brighton artist's third escapade on the label. Newham combines a myriad of production techniques associated with genres anywhere from Acid House through to Afro-Beat, incorporating each element carefully into his versatile discography, making him a crucial player in the smooth house scene that's released on notable imprints like Shall Not Fade, Novaj as well as his own outlet Satta Records.

Founded in 2016, Houseum has entrenched itself as the leading platform for house music in all its forms. The channel is home to a vault of over 2000 tracks and a following of 384000 subscribers, showcasing quality music from both established and fresh-faced producers daily. At its helm are four producers: Gavinco, Ricky Razu, Holo, and Marc Brauner, as well as the brand's founder, HSM.

Gavinco - Deep Roots LP
Release Date 5th May 2023
Label Houseum Records

01. Bring The Check feat. Jesse Alice
02. Deep Roots
03. How We Do feat. Jesse Alice
04. Transmute
05. Showdown Groove
06. Inspirations
07. Homage

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