Deep Valley EP by Martinesque

Adam's Bite head honcho Martinesque is back on his imprint this autumn with the playful Deep Valley EP.

Deep Valley EP by Martinesque Art by Adams Bite

Following up on last year's "Paradigm EP", "Profound" doubles down on Martinesque's psychedelic qualities. Geared towards the early hours, he's served up three cuts of intimate ritual music with a focus on low-slung grooves and stripped-back atmospheres. 

"Profound" leads us down the rabbit hole of progressive house music. It's a modern take on the format, full of disorientating spatial modulation, brooding texture, and the emotional depth we've come to expect from the artist.

The B-side further illuminates this path. "Watercourse" introduces a playful twitch to the palette, full of life-affirming echoes and melodies. Before rounding things off is the deepest track of the lot, "Blackbird" features compelling call-and-response vocals, continuously intertwining with its gently tripping bassline. 

A meticulously assembled package, this record sees Martinesque deliver his most playful outing yet.

Martinesque - Deep Valley EP
Release Date 17th September 2021
Label Adams Bite

1. Profound
2. Watercourse
3. Black Bird

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