L'Amour N'Existera Plus by État Limite

On the same day they release a new album, État Limite is dropping a selection of remixes by La Mverte, The Populists, Zombies in Miami, and Tagliabue.

L'Amour N'Existera Plus by État Limite Art by État Limite

État Limite is a Paris-based project helmed by Thomas Pietrois-Chabassier, a writer, journalist and former DJ, and music producer Baptiste Bertrand. In December last year, their first release "Ce Qui La Nuit" featuring divine & acajou made waves, and now another series of remixes brings a fresh perspective to album material.

La Mverte aka Paris bred producer Alexander Berly cut his teeth playing bass in post-punk bands, but as a solo artist mixes up Italo, New Wave, industrial sounds, and his SH-101 into razor-sharp and arresting productions on labels like Her Majesty's Ship. His remix of "Le Chat" pairs icy melodic hooks with rugged beats and deadpan vocals. It makes for a haunting tune built on solid bass and jerking rhythms.

Yan Wagner is a French electro, dance, and pop legend who has produced and arranged for many others while also serving up sophisticated albums of his own. Here he assumes his DJ and remixer alias The Populists to rework "Ce Qui La Nuit". The vocal mix is a cosmic chugger with twinkling arps and the airy vocals bringing a detached sense of cool. The instrumental comes with more soft female vocal coos and the same tooting chords and stark drum hits.

Creatures of the Night label boss, Correspondant associate, and dark disco outfit Zombies in Miami then step up. Their fantastic remix of "Déclic" is a forward-facing, driving track built on sleek grooves with astral melodies and an expansive feel that really elevates your spirit.

Tagliabue is a music selector and producer based in Milan who leads the way in the city's alternative scene. He takes inspiration from the environment that surrounds him and breaks down the boundaries between the genres on labels such as Blue Sea and Cosmica Music. His take on "L'Amour N'Existera Plus" is a perfect dub excursion with bottomless drums, a warm and cavernous atmosphere, and deft pads that bring subtle cosmic feelings.

État Limite - L'Amour N'Existera Plus
Release Date April 2021
Label Self Released (Etat Limite)

1. Le Chat de Schrödinger (La Mverte Va A Rimini Versione)
2. Ce Qui la nuit (The Populists vocal Mix)
3. Ce Qui la nuit (The Populists instrumental Mix)
4. Déclic (Zombies in Miami Remix)
5. L'Amour n'existera plus (Tagliabue Remix)

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