Impact by Bodeler, Manu Desrets

Bodeler and Manu Desrets unite to deliver Impact on Revival New York, with Romanian favorites Sepp and Nu Zau linking up on remix duties for a special vinyl drop.

Impact by Bodeler, Manu Desrets Art by Revival New York

Two artists whose reputations are now elevating beyond South America and onto the wider global scene, Argentinian DJ/producer Bodeler and fellow countryman Manu Desrets have both been on a roll across recent years, with releases landing via the likes of Solid Grooves, tINI's Part Of The Gang Records, Sanity and more between them.

Linking up together for the very first time, the two now bring their combined talents to US shores as they make their debut appearance on Revival New York for the label's second vinyl release, with UVAR head honchos Sepp and Nu Zau also joining proceedings on remix duties.

A trippy cut fusing wistful melodies, hazy chords, and hypnotic vocals before erupting into a punchy dancefloor-driven anthem, "Impact" does exactly what it says on the tin to serve up a track crafted for the late-night hours. Offering their take on the production, Sepp and Nu Zau go to work to weave a web of slinking percussion, glitchy grooves, and heady arrangements across their "Epau Remix," providing yet another killer cut from the Romanian maestros.

Bodeler, Manu Desrets - Impact
Release Date March 2024
Label Revival New York

1. Impact
2. Impact (Epau Remix) [Sepp & Nu Zau]

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