Quarantine by Sante Sansone

Italian artist Sante Sansone debuts on Hottrax with a stripped-back house two-tracker entitled Quarantine this summer.

Quarantine by Sante Sansone Photo by Hottrax

Over the last decade, Sante Sansone has gone from rising talent to an accomplished DJ and producer, whether performing all across Europe or releasing on labels such as Lapsus Music, La Pera Records, and Lost Records. He now joins Jamie Jones's Hottrax following recent appearances from the likes of Wheats, David Berrie, Onur Ozman, and East End Dubs.

All about the groove, "Quarantine" is a tricky house cut with crunchy percussion, squelchy acid licks, and indistinguishable vocal murmurs that put you into a trance. In comparison, "Fantasia" is a tougher number with its pounding kicks, rattling hats, and bubbling effects.

Sante Sansone - Quarantine
Release Date July 2020
Label Hottrax

1. Quarantine
2. Fantasia

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