Climb with Mike Ivy & Craig Leo

Mike Ivy & Craig Leo return on Junior Jack's Adesso Music with the single, Climb.

Climb with Mike Ivy & Craig Leo Art by Adesso Music

Mike Ivy and Craig Leo came up through their respective New York and Canadian scenes before first joining forces in 2021 and have since been making their international mark on labels like Saved, Flashmob, and Voltaire. Together, the pair brings plenty of flair to their high-impact sounds, finding favor amongst tastemakers such as Marco Carola and MEDUZA, the latest of which comes in the form of their heavy-hitting single "Climb" on Adesso Music.

The intoxicating "Climb" is a drum-driven party starter that rides a swaggering, robust rhythm laden with crisp hits, laser-like synths, and a hooky female vocal to make for a sure-fire dance floor smash.

Mike Ivy & Craig Leo - Climb
Release Date March 2024
Label Adesso Music

1. Climb (Edit)
2. Climb (Extended)

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