Don't Go (Remixes) by David Morales

Following on from David Morales' appearance on the label earlier this year, Rekids tap up Shed and Ryan Elliott for a pair of percussive re-imaginations.

Don't Go (Remixes) by David Morales Photo by Def Mix Music

Well known for remixes of the Thompson Twins, Shawn Christopher, Clive Griffin, and the Pet Shop Boys, Morales’ Red Zone moniker was conceived during the Def Mix legend’s formative years at the renowned club sharing the same name.

50 Weapons and Monkeytown’s Shed adopts his Head High alter ego for a remix that draws the original’s vocals into the spotlight before planting thunderous kick drums beneath whilst dusty pads operate above. Meanwhile, Ostgut Ton affiliate Ryan Elliott crafts a reimagination that incorporates breaky percussion, a rumbling low end, and sweeping astral synths.

David Morales - Don't Go (Remixes)
Release Date 2nd December 2016
Label Rekids

A. Don’t Go (Head High Remix)
B. Don’t Go (Ryan Elliott Remix)

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