Dos Gardenias by Truth x Lies

Truth x Lies arrive on the North Of Neptune label with Dos Gardenias.

Dos Gardenias by Truth x Lies Photo by North Of Neptune

Based in New York, with previous releases on Night Service Only, hau5trap, and Sink Or Swim, Truth x Lies is a duo at the cutting edge of modern House music. With their next single, "Dos Gardenias," the duo delivers the tenth release on Lee Foss' newest label North Of Neptune, a driving track with pumping drums and Latin-flavoured vocals and instrumentation.

Responsible for the wildly successful Repopulate Mars, South of Saturn, and Hot Creations, founded with Jamie Jones, Lee Foss' new imprint North Of Neptune sees the Chicago-born, LA-based artist further cementing himself as one of modern house music's most influential actors.

Truth x Lies - Dos Gardenias
Release Date May 2023
Label North Of Neptune

1. Dos Gardenias

Linda Peterson I love San Francisco Bay area