Escape from XEN by Gaiden

Italian electronic imprint Tropical Animals drops the debut release from label associate Gaiden entitled Escape from XEN.

Escape from XEN by Gaiden Photo by Tropical Animals

The resident DJ for Tropical Animals, Gaiden's preferences for immersive, deep sounds ranging from ambient/drone and slo-mo grooves to explosive techno are distilled into his first release. On "Escape from XEN" the Italian producer opens with the title track, a powerful dubby techno track that blurry the transitions between organic and synthetic throughout its heady duration. Those that were around during the Goa Trance scene in the early 1990s, might get flashbacks.

"Acqua", a densely atmospheric house-tempo cut, comes next before the bpm's drop significantly for "Mel", an infectious ALFOS chugger of the highest order. The stuttering drum machine workouts of "Sputnik" closes the EP with acidic, retro-futurist flair, rounding out a warm, spacey EP for the heads. 

Gaiden - Escape from XEN
Release Date November/December 2020
Label Tropical Animals

1. Escape from XEN
2. Acqua
3. Mel
4. Sputnik

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