Fantome X EP by Scratch Massive

bORDEL kick-off 2019 with a fantastic new package featuring original music from French duo Scratch Massive and innovative remixes from UMWELT and Sentimental Rave.

Fantome X EP by Scratch Massive Photo by The One Point 8

The single comes from Scratch Massive’s recent album Garden of Love, which was recorded in LA and showed off their fresh trap, pop, and electronic style. It was the latest in a long line of albums and EPs that date back to the turn of the millennium and have helped make this pair one of France’s best electronic exports.

The outstanding original "Fantome X" is a dark, shimmering affair with icy hi-hats and smoky late-night atmospheres. The whispered vocals are spine-tingling and full of emotion, making this an absorbing and alluring offering.

Two French remixers bring their talents to continue the journey, with the legendary techno producer UMWELT flipping the cut into a frazzled and industrial banger. The frosted synths and intense drums are brilliantly bleak and the vocals take on a new ghoulish quality amongst the sonic scuzz.

Next is the young and hotly tipped Sentimental Rave, who hails from Paris and has a love of rave, as her name suggests. Her take on the track is lit up with euphoric pads and a nostalgic sense of the old school, as hard-hitting techno drums take you into the next dimension.

These are three very different and equally essential new tracks from the always exciting bORDEL.

Scratch Massive - Fantome X EP
Release Date
23rd January 2019
Label bORDEL Records

1. Fantome X (Original)
2. Fantome X (UMWELT Remix)
3. Fantome X (Sentimental Rave Remix)

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