Feel Alive by Sceti

Latvian Alisa Scetinina aka Gaisma teams up with Rework for an exciting new collaborative project named Sceti. They debut on the Exlove label with the EP Feel Alive.

Feel Alive by Sceti Photo by Exlove Records

Scetinina is a former ballet dancer at the Stuttgarter Ballet, and now an accomplished vocalist. She fronts this powerful new outfit which is produced by Playhouse and Exlove artists Rework aka Daniel Varga & Michael Kuebler. Between them, they cook up a unique vibe that straddles the lines between disco, new wave, indie, electro, and synthpop. They do so with vintage synths, minimal drum machine patterns, and dreamy soundscape-like vocals from Alisa.

The EP kicks off with the fantastic "Feel Alive", a deep-cut future-retro jam that oozes attitude. The deadpan vocals and stiff bassline make for an irresistible groove. Things cut loose with the elastic bass and deep cut guitar riffs of "Sour Sweet", a more sensuous and steamy track with a sense of fun. Next is the beautifully bittersweet "It's Not A Goodbye", with somber chords and melancholic vocals tugging at the heartstrings. Last, but not least are the soaring grooves and skyward synth-arps of the exquisite "Dancing All Alone". Here the vocals are detached and forlorn and deeply affecting and perfectly close out this package.

After this standout debut EP of well-crafted songwriting and killer grooves, a first live stage show will soon follow. Sceti is looking certain to become one of the hottest new electronic projects of the year.

Sceti - Feel Alive
Release Date September 2021
Label Exlove Records

01. Feel Alive
02. Sour Sweet
03. It's Not A Goodbye
04. Dancing All Alone

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