Free Download: Drake - Energy (Whiiite Future1Hundred Remix)

Free Download in the form of Drake's Energy which has been remixed by Whiiite in an all-out Bass-infused power ballad, just because one can.

Free Download: Drake - Energy (Whiiite Future1Hundred Remix) Photo by Whiiite

Born of the bass-driven L.A. beat scene, elusive producer/DJ Whiiite lends some dark magic to Drake’s meanest, knuckliest single off his 2015 mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”. With his latest flip, Whiiite turns Drake’s angry ode to Wi-Fi codes, Ubers, and one-night stands into a powerhouse electronic ballad with grinding synths, a gratifying hook, and a sweat-drenched festival-ready vibe.

Whiiite says that he "Heard the original of this while on a run in Santa Monica, and starting hearing sounds and builds to flip it into a more club-friendly meaner version."

Preview and download right here.

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