Give It To Me says Kormak

Lee Foss recruits Kormak for Give It To Me this month on Repopulate Mars.

Give It To Me says Kormak Photo by Repopulate Mars

Based in Sydney, Australia, Kormak has previously released on DFTD, Insomniac, Club Sweat, and many more since his 2015 debut. Now arriving on Lee Foss' lauded Repopulate Mars, the Australian DJ/producer delivers a high-octane vocal house smash for his first appearance on the label.

Combining hooky pop vocals with pounding drums, gritty low-end, and propulsive FX, the track is a full-blown club and radio smash destined to do damage across the airwaves and in the clubs for years to come.

Kormak - Give It To Me
Release Date December 2022
Label Repopulate Mars

1. Give It To Me

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