Wade In EP by Fall Out

SoSure Music is back with a new collaborative release from Terry Farley & Stretch Silvester under their new Fall Out guise, accompanied by a Ted Patterson remix.

Wade In EP by Fall Out Photo by SoSure Music

London’s Terry Farley and Stretch Silvester have quite the standing in the world of electronic music, collectively they have been releasing material for over two decades via the likes of NRK, Rebirth, Low Pressings and, of course, Junior Boy’s Own. In addition to producing under their own names, the duo have also worked individually under various guises such as Roach Motel, Fire Island, 2 Stupid Dog, Paradise Soul, EssenVee and Sucker DJ’s. Here we see the duo combine on the inaugural release of the Fall Out pseudonym.

Opening the two tracker is the original mix of ‘Wade In’ which deliver a classic meets contemporary house track bringing old school piano lines and soul drenched vocal stylings into the limelight alongside drawn out bass drones and swirling electronica atmospherics. On the flip side New Yorker Ted Patterson, most notably known for works on Francois K’s Wave, Junior London and Eric Kupper’s Hysteria, delivers his take on ‘Wade In’ and in typical fashion the esteemed producer puts a classic spin on things with hooky vocal chops, raw rhythms and infectious loops of the original’s piano licks.

Fall Out - Wade In EP
Release Date 2015/2016
Label SoSure Music

1. Wade In
2. Wade In (Ted Patterson’s TroubleWater Dub)

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