Glad To Be Back EP by DJ Psychiatre

DJ Psychiatre is back on Pont Neuf Records with the club-focused Glad to Be Back EP.

Glad To Be Back EP by DJ Psychiatre Photo by Nicolas Dequin

With initial appearances on prestigious labels such as Shall Not Fade and Pont Neuf, DJ Psychiatre has made his mark on France's electronic music scene in recent years. Now, he is set to release a new opus titled Glad To Be Back, which serves as a joyful return to the Parisian label. The EP comprises 4 club bangers blending progressive and piano house.

I produced all the tracks just before the summer of 2023, without preconceived ideas as usual, but with a desire to shift my production away from samples. The result is 4 club-oriented tracks, heavily influenced by my current inspirations in progressive, dream, and piano house. With a central element, the piano, it feels like a return to my roots, as it's the instrument I began producing music with.
DJ Psychiatre

"Lost In The New" kicks off with an exhilarating atmosphere supported by a powerful piano house melody and a highly melodic 90s bass. Combined, they bring maximum groove and emotion to the track. "It must be one of the most club-oriented tracks I've composed, clearly inspired by artists like Fantastic Man" explains the Rennes-based producer.

Following suit is "Riding Zone", persisting in this thrilling club direction, with deliberate inspirations towards progressive and piano house sounds. DJ Psychiatre explains: "It's the second track I composed for the EP. I enjoy creating extended tracks, and on this one, I took it a step further by incorporating two progressions and two consecutive climaxes to provide a continuous sense of fullness in the club."

Next is a track more typical of DJ Psychiatre's discography, "We Make Records". Closer to the Nordic deep house aesthetic for which he is known, the piece offers a danceable yet introspective moment. It features vocals from a 90s hip-hop documentary, resonating as a symbol of the producer's passionate dedication to his art.

Finally, "Things We Do" beautifully concludes this new EP, aligning with the previous tracks while adding an airy touch. "There's always this crucial club dimension for me, reflected throughout this EP. But this time, it's accompanied by a somewhat nostalgic feeling, with a dreamy piano treatment - a true set- closing piece" concludes DJ Psychiatre.

By day a psychiatrist, by night a DJ, DJ Psychiatre stands out as a gem in the current French house music scene. His impressive discography includes releases on labels like Pont Neuf and Shall Not Fade. Ranging from nostalgic downtempo reminiscent of the genre's greats to the depths of club sounds, the Rennes-based producer asserts himself as one of the most exciting talents of his generation.

DJ Psychiatre - Glad To Be Back EP
Release Date 19th April 2024
Label Pont Neuf Records

1. Lost In The New
2. Riding Zone
3. We Make Records
4. Things We Do

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