Home Remixes Pt. 4 by Mihai Popoviciu

Bondage Music concludes it’s Mihai Popovociu Remixes series this March with Home Remixes Pt. 4, featuring reworks from Guido Schneider & Daniel Dreier, Kike Mayor, Toygun and Muui.

Home Remixes Pt. 4 by Mihai Popoviciu Photo by Bondage Music

Guido Schneider & Daniel Dreier’s remix of "Triumph" takes the lead, reworking the original into a percussive fuelled eight-minute workout of subtly nuanced rolling drums, spiraling atmospherics fills, and lumpy subs all dynamically dancing around one another throughout. Kike Mayor’s take on "Tentacle Operated" follows and tips the focus over to the floaty, ethereal bell chimes and delayed vocal chops from the original which ebb and flow around stripped-back drums and dubby synth swells.

Toygun’s "L8 Remix" of "Sandstone" opens the flip, taking things in a more groove-driven direction with raw acid blips, shuffled percussion and gritty stab sequences before Muui’s "Paranoid Mix" of Havana rounds out the package on a deeper tip, laying focus on eerie vocal chants, murky synths and pulsing groove at its core.

Mihai Popoviciu - Home Remixes Pt. 4
Release Date
16th March 2018
Label Bondage Music

1. Triumph (Guido Schneider & Daniel Dreier Remix)
2. Tentacle Operated (Kike Mayor Remix)
3. Sandstone Folder (Toygun's L8 Remix)
4. Havana (Muui Paranoid Mix)

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