Hyline Music presents Swimming In The Fog

As 2011 draws to a close we find the Magnetic Brothers with a new studio album entitled Swimming In The Fog which is out on Hyline Music just in time for Christmas.

Hyline Music presents Swimming In The Fog Art by Hyline Music

Russia's Magnetic Brothers have been one of the most prolific and genre defying production duos to come along in quite some time. Over the course of their two year production career Arthur and Anton have amassed a huge discography with over 120 releases and have appeared on Armada Music, Black Hole, Spring Tube, Indigo and many other top imprints. They are equally adept at writing beautiful cascading melodies for progressive house and trance, soulful grooves for deep house and twisted rock solid techno.

Generally the end product of a Magnetic Brothers production draws on influences from all these styles and that's what makes many of their pieces so unique. They see it as 'Romantic Techno' and they are in fact the 1st Russian Techno Romantics of XXI century. As 2011 draws to a close we find the Magnetic Brothers with a new studio album entitled 'Swimming In The Fog' which comes courtesy of the Hyline music imprint.

It's an eleven track opus that begins with the moody broken beats of 'We Can't Run' feat Duboniq. It's the perfect atmosphere setting piece for what is to come. The decidedly melancholic 'Flowers For Lana' is next and it carries with it some of that unique sound design that the Magnetic Brothers have become so known for. It's a deeply emotional piece which leads into the atmospheric tech house groove of 'On The Grass' perfectly.

The subtle vocal elements and gentle atmospheric sweeps keep the vibe nice and serene while the chunky bass line keeps the dance floor sensibility spot on. The murky and somewhat sinister sounding 'Riga Trip Story' follows with an abundance of spooky sounds and acidic synth touches, a moody piece that's perfect for a dark back room.

The title cut 'Swimming In The Fog' is next and it comes with the most dance floor punch yet, wide-screen style drums and a big spacious feel have given this composition a massive sense of space. The deeply hypnotic groove is to die for and works brilliantly well with the glassy keys for some killer momentum. The heavily processed and soulful male vocals add the perfect ethereal touch for what turns out to be one of the most soulful tracks on the album.

The deeply funky 'Lucky' is next with its prominent bass stabs and metallic atmospheric sweeps, the tough deliberate groove sets the stage perfectly for 'Hello' feat Nika Lenina which proves to be one of the biggest tracks on the album. This is the Magnetic Brothers at their progressive house best. A big driving rhythm that is utterly infectious combined with hooky synth accents and perfect chord changes make this an up tempo main room bomb.

The energy stays at a nice constant with 'Before The First Date' which is really stands out because of its warped sounding lead, it's just a deadly hook that's simply irresistible. The lazy vocal groove of 'From This World' is soothing and the perfect transition into the bubbly sounding 'Warm Summer Rain'. The softly textured melodies and twinkily atmospheric elements here shows the Magnetic Brothers on fine form as the album winds to close.

The grainy sounding broken beats of 'When The Night Comes' feat Duboniq seems to be the perfect composition to cap off 'Swimming In The Fog'. The vocals are utterly angelic sounding and it's one of the Brothers most emotional compositions to date. The escalating atmosphere and dulcet elements meld together in perfect unison for a wonderful wall of melodic bliss. Certainly leaves you wanting more.

Magnetic Brothers - Swimming In The Fog
Release date 20th December 2011
Label Hyline Music

1. We can't run (feat. Duboniq)
2. Flowers for Luan
3. On the Grass
4. Riga Trip Story
5. Swimming In The Fog
6. Lucky
7. Hello (feat. Spatree & Nika Lenina)
8. Before the First date
9. From this world
10. Warm Summer Rain
11. When the night Comes (feat. Duboniq)

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