Interview with DJ Anneli

We spoke with DJ Anneli about life in the fast lane and how it all began in 1998. This is the story.

Interview with DJ Anneli DJ Anneli

You are one of Sweden's most busiest female DJ's ? Could you describe a week out of your life for us ?
My weeks are very soft because I only work during the weekends, then I travel many miles around Sweden and sometimes other countries for gigs.

It could be like this:
Friday: Pack all my things for the weekend, travel to the event, check the equipment, play, talk to people after the gig, sleep.
Saturday: Travel to a new event.
Sunday: Travel back home, check my e-mails, update my homepage and then I lay down in the sofa and watch some TV.

Being on the road all the time, do you find it a bit boring at times ?
Not very often! On my way to the gig I'm excited because I'm planning and listening to music that I want to use in my set, and on the way home I'm excited because of all the expressions that I got from the gig! I always looking forward to the next journey!!!

What would be your profession today, if you didn't start DJing ? What would you be doing ?
I've been studying marketing/economics and some computer science at the university, so I probably would have been working with that. I must say that it sounds much more boring than the profession that I have today...

Since 1998 you have been playing some of the best event and a lot of nightclubs in Scandinavia, have you every thought about quitting and doing something else ?

After being voted the 6th most popular Dj in Scandinavia, has that help you getting more gigs abroad then before ? What position are you hoping for in this years poll ?
I was very happy with the result and I know that people have noticed it! I don't think it has affected my gigs, but it is a good thing to have as a reference. Of course I'm hoping to be among the top 6 again or the top 3, that would be an honour!

Which is the BEST memory you have from a dj gig ?
It was when I played at a cruise where I wasn't supposed to play. It was a 24-hour-cruise and i got to play on the way back and when i started playing everybody was sitting around the dance floor with a hang-over even though there where two other dj's playing. But after one track I managed to fill the dance floor and everybody was going crazy even though they where tired and in the end I got applause for 2 minutes and everybody was very satisfied! I think it was against all odds!

What is more important to you, when it comes to skills and DJing ? Ability to please the crowd or music choice ?
I think you please the crowd with the music choice, so I must say that they go hand in hand!! My goal with my sets is always to please the crowd, if they're happy I'm too! I don't think you need to spin on four turntables at the same time to pelase the crowd, tight mixing and a well-built set with a good flow in the music is enough!

What do you have planned for the summer/autumn of 2004, where can we hear you playing ? Any large events/clubs planned ?
I've got a residency at B.A.D. nightclub (Daltons) in my home town Halmstad every Wednesday in July, a gig in Holland in August, one in Belgium in September and a new 24-hour-cruise in September. This is just a few events, check my webpage for all my upcoming events!

Please list your favourite all time top 5 tracks that have changed you and your music ?
1. Lazonby - Sacred cycles (the best trance track ever made!)
2. Atmos - The Only Process (this track opened my eyes to psy-trance in 2000!)
3. Commander Tom - Are Am Eye? (a classical club trance tune!)
4. Sub 6 - To Experience (after I heard this track I've played at least one Sub 6-track in every psy-trance set!)
5. Quench - Dreams (beautiful trance like this lead the way to my dj-career!)

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