Khnum by Sounds of Khemit

Sounds Of Khemit returns with another carefully curated collection of sounds that are steeped in ancient mysticism with Khnum.

Khnum by Sounds of Khemit Art by Sounds of Khemit

The Ancient Khemitian Master Khnum is associated with water and procreation. Her name Khnoom, as the hieroglyphs depict, means the dweller - the one that lives in or at a specified place. Khnum is seen as the source of the Nile and with her potter’s wheel, she created the bodies of humans and other gods from the abundant clay.

First up is Mexican Roderic, a producer and a live performer with a love of house that ranges from the deep to more tech-edged. His "Magma" is a widescreen affair with melancholic chords draped over loose, hip-swinging beats. Soft shakers and all sorts of organic percussion pepper the groove as wispy chords continue to make for an alluring late-night vibe.

Next are Liife & Kem Otto, a pair who have collaborated many times and always cook up spiritual and organic sounds with emotional depth. Their glorious "Magic Carpet" carries you away on lush and upbeat piano chords as the scuffed up beats swing low. Shimmering vocal chants heighten the track's entrancing atmosphere and lock you in for the most spine-tingling of rides.

Lastly, Turu Anasi is a talented organic house and downtempo producer with numerous fine releases on labels like Cosmic Awakenings and Pipe & Pochet. His "Iry Hor" is a slow, seductive and purposeful track with cavernous drums and smooth late-night chords. There is magic in the air as the synths dance above the firmly rooted groove and the effect is one that will have you lost deep in the dance.

Various Artists - Khnum
Release Date May 2022
Label Sounds of Khemit

01. Roderic - Magma
02. Liife & Kem Otto - Magic Carpet
03. Turu Anasi - Ivy Hor

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